1O9 Cafe, Udaipur – where “Life really begins after Coffee”

“To travel is to live…
To travel with coffee in hand is to live as a queen amongst the people” – Unknown

Locating a cozy, little corner on your vacation is an art – more so when you are travelling alone and need a familiar space to call your own. Coffee no longer remains just a beverage – it becomes an emotion. If local food satiates your taste buds, coffee gives a sense of belongingness to a place.

Roaming around the old city of Udaipur, a cute little cafe piqued my interest. Even though I was short of time, I went inside and was met with a lovely smile. Eventually, I returned after two days and from thereon, it became a daily evening ritual to spend time at the cafe with the wonderful mother-daughter dynamic duo and a cup of coffee.

At a walkable distance from the famous Gangaur Ghat, 1O9 Cafe is easy to locate amongst the many earlier establishments. The beautiful Lake Pichola urges your need for coffee and believe me, this would be an ideal location.

The Cafe
Little treats on display

The place can be aptly described as a contemporary cafe. The specialty is the numerous “Vegan options” – for food (Delicious snacks, Egg preparations, Plant based snacks, Salads) and beverages (varieties of Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Chillers) along with regular ones. With an affordable price range, the facilities include seating, take outs and table service.

Below is a glimpse of what the cafe offers; these and many more to appease your palate.

Do you know what feels like heaven, these (slide through) 🙂

Brunches and late evenings are sorted with the munchies below. Can you decide on one? Only if it was an easy job…

Wait, we aren’t leaving without some homemade desserts – won’t it be rude to say “No” to these…

Are you still looking for some reviews? They are ranked as one of the best in Udaipur and some of these smiling faces are the best reviews 🙂

I am not a foodie but my only guilty indulgence is this..A nice cup of coffee has never done any harm. Mark it on your “To-Do-List” when you head to Udaipur. After all, a lot can happen over coffee.

**Most images used in the article are courtesy Vidushi, owner, 1O9 Cafe – Udaipur.

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