About Me

As cliche as it sounds, yes, I quit my job. Bidding farewell to more than a decade long corporate career, now, I embark on a different path. As Bhagvad Gita says “There is Nothing Lost or Wasted in this Life.

In retrospect, it seems I have been travelling haywire. What started as a mere hobby gradually turned out to be an escape from everything around. My time away gave me the freedom to be in a world of my own until I realized I should rather create one of my own. Now, while I pen down my thoughts, it gives me a more defined sense of purpose to see the world with a completely different perspective.

I won’t label myself as wanderlust. I am not even on the path of soul searching moments as they happen on their own without realization. I have not seen much but would want to explore as much as I can. No mountains, beaches or landscapes limit me. Now that the caterpillar is out of the cocoon, it has got wings to fly – far and beyond.