Sonar Quila “Jaisalmer Fort”

Location – Situated in the golden city of Jaisalmer, this fort literally dominates the city landscape. The majestic charm is hard to miss and promises to be a constant companion throughout your stay. The massive yellow sandstone structure gradually fades to a honey-gold shade literally lighting up the surroundings in the darkness. Earlier, the city of Jaisalmer was confined within its walls gradually making way to the present day city outside with a growing population.

How to Reach

Centrally located, the fort lies at a walkable distance from most of the hotels and tourist accommodations. Alternatively, autos and private cabs are easily available. From the main entrance, a slightly uphill climb would take you to the fort.

Entry Fee

  • Rs 50 (Indians) and Rs 250 (Foreigners)
  • Rs 50 (Camera) and Rs 100 (Video camera)


The fort remains open; however, the visiting time is from 6 AM to 5 PM (Daily). On an average, it would take around 2-3 hours to enjoy the beautiful architecture and craftsmanship. 

The fort entrance

Inside the Fort

Once inside; you will realize, the fort is a mini city within and needs a lot of walking. Adorned with beautiful bazaars and restaurants, take a halt and enjoy. The intricate work in the Laxminath and Jain temples within the fort premises are the highlights. Every nook and corner of the fort has a story to tell. Guided tours are available in Hindi, English, few regional and international languages too.

A view of temples from top

What you can shop inside the fort (Credits: Suchita Roy)


Jaisalmer was found by Rawal Jaisal Singh of Bhatti clan in 1156 and the fort was subsequently made the capital in the following year. It has braved many attacks including a 7-year long battle and its first seizure by Alauddin Khilji. Later, Rawal Sahal Singh accepted Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as superior. Since then, Jaisalmer was ruled by a nobleman named Sabala Simha with Shah Jahan’s support. It led to the prosperity of the town in terms of riches and power until 1762. Jaisalmer continued to be governed by princes of Bhatti clan till 1818, when Mulraj formed a political alliance with the British to save the dying state. Even today, the descendants of Bhatti are still involved with a lot of development in and around the district. Brijraj Singh is the present descendant and the city lies under the Government of India.

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